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Offering counsel, drafting and negotiation for a broad range of commercial transactions, Cooper Law LLC was founded by Isaiah D. Cooper, Esq. in 2004.  Mr. Cooper helps his clients to understand the legal implications of business transactions and the potential structures for effecting such transactions, enabling his clients to capitalize on their opportunities, avoid problems, and achieve their business goals.  Cooper Law LLC is committed to serving its clients with agility, creativity, and flexibility while providing them with personalized attention and service.

Notwithstanding its size, Cooper Law is able to take on larger transactions through the use of additional top-notch attorneys and paralegals under Mr. Cooper’s supervision.  Using this model, Cooper Law LLC was able to coordinate legal services for one client in connection with patents, trademarks, tax planning, and anti-trust issues, while structuring and forming the client’s companies and negotiating key strategic agreements. 


“By viewing my clients’ legal problems from a pragmatic,
business-oriented perspective and using my native creativity,
I am able to provide them with effective solutions
to their business legal problems.”
—Isaiah D. Cooper—

Welcome to Cooper Law LLC providing
Practical Solutions for Complex Business Transactions!