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Raising Funds to Support Business Growth

Problem: A business needs to raise significant funds through the private sale of its equity to finance growth and operations.

Solution: Sell Equity to Achieve Your Objectives

At Cooper Law LLC, we would explain the process and rules applicable to raising funds by selling equity in private placement transactions and would draft the documents required for such transactions.

We would help the business principals understand how to figure out what percentage of their company they are willing to sell for the funds they need to raise and how to set the price for their securities (corporate stock or LLC membership interests or units).

We would provide our clients with an understanding of the ordinary terms of such transactions, help the client understand what terms are essential to them and assist them in negotiating with potential investors.

We would also prepare the necessary corporate or entity resolutions and help our clients negotiate and revise their certificate of incorporation or draft a certificate of designation to provide for the securities to be issued.

We would draft securities purchase or subscription agreements, appropriate disclosure schedules, registration rights agreements, stock or unit certificates, warrant agreements and warrant certificates, shareholder agreements (or revisions to the LLC operating agreement), opinions, prepare filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and applicable state securities administrators (Blue Sky Law filings), and other related agreements.

We might also advise a client with respect to the terms for the engagement of an investment bank to help them raise the funds through a private placement (or other strategic) transaction.

Attorney Isaiah D. Cooper has represented early-stage companies who have raised capital in private placement transactions, as well as investors in private placement transactions, including individuals and venture capital firms.