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Documenting Settlements of Disputes Among Owners
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Negotiating Shareholder and Other Intracompany Ownership Arrangements

Cooper Law LLC provides a comprehensive range of advisory and transactional services to shareholders and other entity owners. This includes explaining alternatives for buy-sell, transfer restrictions and management provisions and drafting the appropriate documentation for these provisions.

For corporations, these are usually drafted in a separate shareholders agreement.

For limited liability companies (LLCs), these provisions are generally incorporated into the Operating Agreement, or Limited Liability Company Agreement. They can also be drafted into separate unit, stock or equity purchase agreements.

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Negotiating Settlements of Controversies Between Shareholders or Other Owners

We can help company owners negotiate and structure or draft settlement agreements for controversies or structure claims for alternate dispute resolution in mediation or arbitration. If a dispute ends up in mediation or arbitration, we will work with appropriate litigation counsel on the case.

We have helped individual owners structure agreements that allow them to leave a firm of which they are a shareholder/member/owner. Sometimes this involves the spinning off of a portion of the business to one of the owners in a tax-free transaction.

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