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Securing Connecticut’s Motion Picture Tax Credit

Problem: A film producer wants to make a major motion picture in Connecticut in order to take advantage of the Connecticut Digital Media & Motion Picture Tax Credit.

Solution: Form and Register the Entity with The State

At Cooper Law LLC, we will help the producer either form a new Connecticut entity or register the producer’s existing entity as an entity qualified and authorized to do business in Connecticut and will obtain the certificate of existence needed for the tax credit application.

We will also introduce the producer to local bankers, insurance agents, accountants, realtors, film studio facilities and production assistants whom the producer will need for their film production. If the financing is being obtained out of state, we can provide a local legal opinion in connection with the financing for the film.

Cooper Law LLC has formed the local subsidiary of a leading film completion guarantor, who may be willing to provide a completion guaranty for qualifying productions (meeting the guarantor’s requirements). If the financing is being obtained locally, we will work with the film producer and investors and/or banks on negotiating the (equity or debt) finance documents.

We are also willing to help with the tax credit pre-registration and application process as well as with transferring of the tax credit in order to recoup a percentage of the film’s qualified Connecticut expenses.